News | 23. Feb. 2024

The Charters of Emperor Otto IV (1198-1218). Updated Digital Pre-Print Edition

The MGH section Diplomata working at the Austrian Institut für Mittelalterforschung at the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Abteilung Editionsunternehmen und Quellenforschung is preparing the edition of the charters of Emperor Otto IV (1198-1218) for publication in volume 13 of the Diplomata series "Die Urkunden der deutschen Könige und Kaiser". When complete, the volume will comprise editions of all ca. 330 charters and deperdita issued during Otto IV’s rule as Roman-German King and Emperor.

To shorten the wait for the final printed publication, since 2019 the MGH make digital pre-print versions of the completed charter editions available online; the pre-print edition is updated on a yearly basis.

The current updated pre-print edition now contains 300 charter texts.