Scholarships at the MGH

Young academics with a research project or a doctorate with a focus on editorial and/or source-related work can apply for a scholarship at the MGH. The various scholarship programs are not always available. Current calls for applications are linked under the respective programs.
In addition to financial support, scholarship holders receive a permanent workplace in the reading room of the MGH library, one of the best-stocked libraries on medieval history in the German-speaking world, for the duration of their stay. From here, they will be able to use Munich's research infrastructure (Bavarian State Library, Main State Archives, University Library). A good knowledge of German is required for all scholarships.
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Arno Borst Scholarships

The medievalist Arno Borst (1925-2007) founded the "Arno-Borst-Stiftung zur Förderung der mediävistischen Geschichtswissenschaften" in 1996, the proceeds of which benefit the Monumenta Germaniae Historica. The funds of this foundation are used to support young academics by awarding scholarships. Applicants must have a doctorate in medieval history or historical auxiliary sciences. A prerequisite for the application is an editorial project that fits the MGH program or a corresponding study on the history of transmission.

Arno Borst Scholarship for three years

This scholarship was awarded for the first time from February 1, 2022 to 2025. The amount of the scholarship is based on the relevant DFG guidelines.

Arno Borst postdoctoral fellowships for three months

Short-term scholarships for three months are awarded to postdoctoral researchers from Germany and abroad in the amount of 2,000 euros per month.

MGH monthly scholarships

The Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH) award short-term grants of 1,500 or 2,000 euros (in accordance with DFG guidelines) to graduate and post-graduate researchers for one month to promote young academics. Applications are open to young researchers from Germany and abroad.

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MGH Fellowships

The charitable association "Pro arte edendi - Freunde der MGH e.V." funds MGH scholarships for German and international graduate and post-graduate researchers working on the edition of a mediaeval text or on the study of mediaeval textual transmission, enabling them to profit from the outstanding facilities of the MGH Munich Institute. Fellows receive the usual travel expenses from their place of residence to Munich and back as well as 2,000 euros for their accommodation costs.
Application deadline for 2025: March 31, 2025