News | 19. Dec. 2022

MGH Fellows 2022

We are proud to look back on a year, in which five international graduate or post-graduate scholars have profited from short-term research scholarships resp. the Arno-Borst scholarship, enabling them to pursue their research at the Munich institute of the MGH.

Alberto Cotza from the University of Pisa/Italy used his one-month scholarship at the Munich institute of the MGH to advance his research on Bernardo Maragone’s Annales Pisani that to date is only available in incomplete editions (Bonaini, Pertz, Lupo Gentile). Cotza made progress in his preparation of a new edition, both as regards the textual reconstruction as well as in the study of its original context and its later transmission. In particular, the previously unpublished apparatus of marginal notes in the manuscript: Paris, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, MS 1110 promises valuable insights into the Late-Medieval transmission of the Annales Pisani.
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Lukáš Reitinger from the Masaryk University in Brno / Czech Republic profited from his stay in Munich to pursue his research on the continuations of Cosmas‘ Bohemian chronicle and the Braunschweig testimony to 12th- and 13th-century Bohemian historiography. The latter compilation stood in focus of his Munich studies, offering interesting insights into the importance of Saxony and the Welf court as transmitters of knowledge of the historiography of the Slavic lands and the Norman north. The compiler of the Braunschweig chronicle drew on Cosmas‘ Bohemian chronicle and its continuations, abbreviating their accounts in his excerpt, but at the same time adding a number of informative details from other sources.

Levi Roach from the University of Exeter/Great Britain received a scholarship for his work on the charters of the Ottonian rulers. During his Munich sojourn, he was able to study original Ottonian charters in the Bavarian State Archive, see his report under: (
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Theresa Sanzenbacher is writing her Ph.D. at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg on the subject of the High-Medieval Saxonian annals, focusing particularly on the interdependences, editorial desiderata and historical value of the annals, see her project sketch: (
sponsored with a three-year Arno Borst-Scholarship

Christian Schweizer, who is writing his Ph.D. on the writings of the 9th century Irish scholar Dicuil, used his stay in Munich to consult important sources and secondary literature for his thesis. Thankful for the opportunity, he reported that the MGH library was the ideal place for him to work, in particular for his research on the Carolingian and editorial aspects of his thesis. Besides this, he profited from numerous informative discussions with specialists in the Munich institute. Schweizer’s research traces the reception of typically Irish concepts of time calculation in Carolingian manuscripts with the aim of preparing a first edition and translation of Ducuil’s work known as „Liber de astronomia“ based on a complete review of the manuscript evidence.