Digital Editions

The publication of the first purely digital MGH edition in our bicentennial year 2019 was an important step in the expansion of our collection of digital resources.

MGH digital editions are integrated in the MGH edition programme as fully equivalent to the printed publications. In cases where digital format offers clear advantages compared with printed publication, digital editions will preferred.

As with other MGH editions, our digital edtions are fully completed and citable. In accordance with the guidelines of our research data strategy, the MGH place great emphasis on the sustainability and long term accessibility of our editions. For this reason, we make the primary data from these editions (edition data in TEI-XML standard and corresponding scripts to generate the online presentation) available as download under Creative Commons Licence. A PDF archive guarantees the long-term accessibility of the edition.

1. Ulrich Richental, Die Chronik des Konzils von Konstanz
Herausgegeben von Thomas Martin Buck.
2019, access the edition

Short preface to the edition (PDF)