Digital Resources of the MGH Sections

The digital open-access resources of the MGH sections (Abteilungen): Scriptores, Leges, Diplomata, Epistolae, and Antiquitates provide a wide array of research materials:

  • Databases for the MGH volumes
  • Online pre-print editions (PDFs)
  • Databases of unfinished edition projects
  • Additional resources such as concordance tables

At present, the focus lies on pre-print editions providing an online version of of an edition in the pre-publication stage with the corrected text elements and a preliminary introduction. This work-in-progress approach shortens the waiting for the printed full edition and, by encouraging scholarly discurse, helps to improve the quality of the editions. The URLs of the pre-print editions are permanent.  

Resources of the section Scriptores

Chronicle of Hugo of Flavigny (MGH Scriptores in folio 8, S. 288-503)

Text with highlighted correction suggestions (see Lawo, Studien zu Hugo von Flavigny, Schriften der MGH 61, 2010) (PDF)

Bamberg world chronicles of the 11th/ 12th centuries (Chronicle of Frutolf von Michelsberg with continuation, so-called Anonymous Kaiserchronik, Chronicles of Ekkehards von Aura)

The papal-imperial chronicles of the Late Middle Ages

Resources of the section Leges

Clavis Canonum - Selected Canon Law Collections before 1140 (MGH Hilfsmittel 21)

Database with search functions (and accompanying wiki)

The collection „Policarpus“ by Cardinal Gregory of S. Grisogono

Decretals of Pseudo-Isidore

The forged capitularies of Benedictus Levita

Database with preliminary partial edition, literature, concordance, older editions, manuscript images

Resources of the section Diplomata

Addenda to the MGH Diplomata

Database with addenda to the older volumes, references to Regesta Imperii, images, newer literature, etc.

The charters of Louis the Pious (Ludwig der Fromme) (MGH Diplomata Karolinorum 2)

Protocols of the scribe analyses (PDF)

The charters of Henry V and Queen Mathilda (MGH Diplomata regum et imperatorum Germaniae 7)

Pre-print edition (database)

The charters of Henry VI and the Empress Constance (MGH Diplomata regum et imperatorum Germaniae 11)

The charters of Otto IV (MGH Diplomata regum et imperatorum Germaniae 13)

Pre-print edition (PDF, last update: August 2019)

Resources of the section Epistolae

The letters of Archbishop Hincmar of Reims (MGH Epistolae 8)

Epistolae variorum 877-923 (MGH Epistolae 9)

Database of the content, incipits, transmission, printed editions and literature, and edited letters; the letter collections can be accessed in context.

The letter collection of Thomas of Capua

Pre-print edition without text-critical apparatus, contains summaries, references to printed editions, texts of the letters (PDF)

Pope Clement IV, Epistolae and Dictamina (MGH Briefe des späteren Mittelalters)

Pre-print edition without critical apparatuses (PDF)

The Epistolarium of Pseudo-Marinus of Eboli

Database with digital copy of the manuscript Arles 60, search functions, tables of names and literature

The Lombard letter collection

Database with preliminary edition, introduction, indexes

Resources of the section Antiquitates/ Poetae

Database with material on anomalous Latin prosody