The Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH)

The MGH are a research institution with a long and rich history. With over 200 years experience in publishing Mediaeval source material in text-critical editions and scholarly research on the Middle Ages in Germany and Europe, the MGH embody the classical tradition of source-oriented Mediaeval scholarship.

The Munich institute features the world's largest specialised Medieval history library, making it the perfect place for effective research. If you’re working at home, we offer a wide range of online resources, in particular our collection of digital editions, to support your studies.

As the hub of an international network of corresponding members, cooperation partners and associated friends, the MGH support informal cooperation in Mediaeval studies on a worldwide basis.

The MGH editions are one of the most reputable publications of source material for the history of the Middle Ages. They appear in the following series:

  • Scriptores (historiography)
  • Leges (laws)
  • Diplomata (charters)
  • Epistolae (letters)
  • Antiquitates (antiquities = poetry, necrologies)

As a non-commercial corporation unter public law, the MGH cooperate closely with the Academies of Sciences and Humanities in German-speaking countries and maintain projects under their auspices. Also a large number of unsallaried external editors, many of whom teach at universities, contribute importantly to the success of the MGH and deserve a special mention.

As provided by their statutes the MGH are governed by the president and the central board of directors. The latter meets once a year and is responsible for appointing the president and finalising decisions about edition projects and their publication.