Copies / Scans / Microforms

Copying and scanning

Two scanner printers are available for use by registered users in the copy room. Copywrite regulations allow the scanning and copying of articles and separate passages from monographs for private, non-commercial and scholarly purposes. The reproduction fees for copies or scans are 0,10 €/DIN-A4 page and 0,20 € DIN-A3-page. You are asked to pay the fees in the secretary’s office on the same day. For conservation reasons, some media may not be copied or scanned. In such cases, please ask our library staff for information.


The MGH library has a large collection of material on microfilm, film, film copies and photographic plates. A microfilm reader is available to consult these media in the reading room. It is also principally possible to make digital copies of microfilms against payment. If you require the microfilm reader, please contact the library staff to reserve its use.

Document delivery service

Additionally, the MGH library offers a pay-by-use electronic document delivery service for non-monographic publications in our collection.


The German federal ministry of education and research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF) provides information on the German copyright laws pertaining to education and research with FAQ and the information pamphlet: Was Forschende und Lehrende wissen sollten