The Freiherr vom Stein Medal

Freiherr vom Stein Medal of the MGH, designed by Erich Ott. © MGH Since 2012, the MGH award the Freiherr vom Stein medal for meritorious achievements in the field of mediaeval source studies.

In the context of his studies on the practice of visualising merit, former MGH president Prof. Dr Horst Fuhrmann conceived the idea of decorating mediaeval scholars with a medal of honour. The artistically valuable medal bears the name and portrait of the founder of the MGH, Reichsfreiherr Karl vom und zum Stein, and was designed by the Munich sculptor and medallist Erich Ott. It is awarded by the president of the MGH.

Recipients of the Freiherr vom Stein Medal

year awarded
awarded for
Prof. Dr Rudolf Schieffer († 2018) 2012 in recognition of his meritous achievments as president of the MGH 1994-2012
Prof. Dr Gerhard Schmitz 2012 in recognition of his service as representative of the president 1994-2012
Prof. Dr Peter Landau († 2019) 2015 in recognition of his longstanding membership in the central board of directors as representative of the Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Prof. Dr Marc-Aeilko Aris 2018
in recognition of his meritorious services as acting president of the MGH 2014 -2018
Prof. Dr Wilfried Hartmann 2019 in recognition of his achievment for the edition of the councils of the Carolingian kindoms III – V (843–911) (Laudatio, PDF)
Prof. Dr Walter Koch († 2019) 2019 in recognition of his achievment for his edition of the charters of Emperor Frederick II (Laudatio, PDF)
Prof. Dr Theo Kölzer 2019 in recognition of his achievment for his editions of the charters of the Merovingian kings and the charters of Louis the Pious (Laudatio, PDF)
Prof. Dr Alexander Patschovsky 2019 in recognition of his achievment for his edition of the Concordia Novi ac Veteris Testamenti by Joachim of Fiore (Laudatio, PDF)