Document Delivery Service – Supplying your research

Provided that the documents required are not classified due to personal privacy or copyright regulations and that no conservational or technical restrictions apply, electronic copies of individual fascicles from the MGH archive may be ordered through our document delivery service.

Please note that large-scale reproductions are not possible. 

 Our copy prices conform to the price listed for “User group 1” (students, trainees, staff members of advanced educational or public instititutions) as defined by the international Subito document delivery service. We reserve the right to charge additional prices for orders involving complicated material. For large orders, we may ask for advance payment. Users with payments in arrears will be asked to pay in advance.

basic fee for documents up to 20 pages:
4,00 €
unit price for additional pages:
0,10 €
digitisation of microfilms basic price up to 20 exposures:
4,00 €
unit price for additional microfilm exposures:
0,10 €
surcharge per order (for outlays):
5,00 €